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Ivanna Palmiero | Lifestyle and Fashion

Ivanna holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism by UP. She took part in an exchange programme with University of Central Lanchashire (UCLAN, England) and took a specialization in Social Media by UTN. Passionate about communication, she started her career in the newspaper Clarín and then dived into consultancy, thus gaining experience working with fashion & lifestyle brands, companies and entrepreneurs.

Sofía Quilici | Lifestyle and Fashion

Sofía is an enterprising, passionate and responsible professional with a wide experience in journalism, fashion and communication after having written for prestigious media outlets, such as Clarín, Cosmopolitan and La Nación. She has worked in press campaigns for public organizations and companies from different industries. With a specialization in fashion and beauty, she has a journalism degree by TEA and is a communication-bachelor-to-be by UADE.

Florencia Ranieri | Technology and Corporate Communications

Florencia holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication by UNLaM and she is a national broadcaster by Cosal. During her career, she has worked for technology, construction, tourism and sports companies. She has got a background of more than six years of experience in institutional communication, being her strengths both teamwork and contents generation. She considers that, with enthusiasm, effort, creativity and commitment, great results can be achieved.

Lara Engler | Consumer

Lara counts on a wide experience in the consultancy field, working on the communication and reputation management of several companies, as well as nonprofit organizations. She regards herself as dynamic, results-oriented and proactive, with a strong passion for communication. She considers that every chance an organization has to connect with its publics is unique. She has a degree on Public Relations by UCES.

María José Pandullo | Consumer and New Audiences

Majo Pandullo is a professional with more than fifteen years in the Communication field. She has a strong tendency towards new trends incorporation, innovation, massive consumption, lifestyle and urban culture. She also specializes in striking bonds with influencers, endorsers, celebrities and young culture icons in order to maximize the brands’ positioning. Before joining, she worked as PR Specialist in Adidas Argentina for three years, relations between the company and the press, influencers and company assets.

Malena Gimenez | Consumer

Malena has a Degree in Public Relations and a Certificate in Protocol and Organization of Official Events from the National University of de La Matanza. She has worked for Retail, Beauty and Gastronomy Companies. Her experience covers all areas of communication. Her main skills are Event Production and the creation of 360 Strategies.

María Victoria Badde | Inhouse at Claro

Victoria is a responsible and proactive professional. She has worked at different communication agencies for the corporate, technology, CSR and health areas. She believes that understanding the clients’ needs and the commitment with them are key factors in her role. She has a degree in Public and Institutional Relations at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE).

Laura Muchnik | Founder

Laura Muchnik developes projects with companies and entrepreneurs with communications as a key element.
She coordinates internal and external communications programs on a regional level; the programs aim to building up reputation and develop new business by combining innovating campaigns, realistic expectations and measurable results. She founded her first company at 18 and now starts

Cristian Marchiaro | CEO

A passionate, creative and driven profesional, Cristian Marchiaro is results-oriented and high performance, and concentrates in creating value for companies in many sectors and of differente sizes.
He is very involved in planning, decision-making, conflict-solving, managing and creative development. For the past years he has concentrated in building reputation and generating new business for companies in Latin America through integrated communications, marketing and strategic consulting campaigns.

Viviana Molinaro | Administration and Finance

Viviana holds a degree in Business Administration and is a future Public Accountant from the University of Buenos Aires. She is oriented to leadership and teaching. She is proactive and organized and aims at achieving efficiency in processes.
She has more than 22 years of experience working for large national and multinational companies like PwC and Ediciones B. Her area of expertise is Administration and Finance, and her tasks include planning, monitoring and managing reports, preparation of financial statements, budgets, cash flow and cost accounting. She also has 10 years of experience as a SAP systems consultant.

Ana Correa | Public Affairs and Corporate Communications

Ana Correa designs local, regional and international communications strategies. She is experienced in institutional communications for public and private companies and has and extensive knowledge of the corporate world. She is the author of "Ciudades, Turismo y Cultura. Herramientas para el Desarrollo equitativo de las ciudades." She was Director of Communications for the City Government of Buenos Aires. She is a lawyer and holds a Master in International Relations for FLACSO - Universidad de Barcelona.

Juan Pablo Daniello | Technology and Corporate Communications

Juan Pablo Daniello has ten years experience in the Argentine and Latin American communications market. His orientation is customer service with a strong emphasis in results.
He started his career as an associate editor at the Clarin newspaper. He moved on to the corporate world as PPRR director for Latin America for I-SEC Information Security. Later he joined Edelman as their Technology Team coordinator.
He graduated in Journalism at Universidad del Salvador.

Carolina Wartelsky | Lifestyle and Consumer

Carolina Wartelsky works along companies and entrepreneurs helping them build up reputation and value to make their business grow.
She specializes in developing and managing communications strategies focusing in the luxury, mass market and lifestyle sectors.
She has eight years' experience in consulting working for local and international companies. She was a journalist for the Clarin newspaper and other media. Today she stresses creative developments and the search for excellence in every project.

Mercedes Vázquez | Lifestyle and Fashion

Mercedes Vázquez has an ample experience in the development and management of PPRR strategic plans and in actions for brands, companies and entrepreneurs in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sectors.
She holds a degree in Audiovisual Communications from the Universidad de Palermo; another in Journalism from the Universidad Católica Argentina and another in Marketing and Management of Fashion industries from Universidad de Belgrano.

Trinidad Molina | Technology and Corporate Communication

Trinidad strongly commits to meeting the goals set for her. She has worked in first-class communications consulting firms, where she collaborated with companies recognized at a national and international level. She has developed and implemented several communication strategies focusing on the mass market, lifeslyle, fashion, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and telecommunications.
She holds a degree in Social Communication from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

María Eugenia Díaz | Lifestyle and Arts

A proactive profesional, María Eugenia Díaz has managed in the past years many successful campaigns, with a very detailed knowledge of the media and a close relationship with journalists.
She has developed her career as a consultant in the area of strategic communications and specializes in the Arts, Public Affairs and Mass Marketing. She has worked for several communications agencies with a portfolio of major clients and in several areas..
She is a graduate in Journalism for TEA and in Social Communications for Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Ignacio Veiga | Brand Experience

Ignacio Veiga is a Graphics Designer and Artist specializing in corporate identity. Creative and passionate about his work, he mixes intuition and creativity with analytical depth. He loves visual arts, music and languages.
His work is oriented to lead and develop projects through visual communications strategies to attain business aims and to maximize results. As a specialist in branding, he knows how to translate ideas and products into exceptional pieces.
He holds a degree from the School of Architecture of the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Juan Pablo Costa Souto | Brand Experience

Brands are Juan Pablo Souto's area of interest, and for over eight years he has been developing, planning and executing marketing and PPRR campaigns and actions for corporations and NGOs. He believes in the integration of communications trategies as a must for business, combined with creativity and innovation. The result is the creation or real brand experiencies and the build up of reputation.

Julián Gallo | New Media

Julián Gallo is a journalist and adman with a keen interest and deep knowledge of the Internet. He has advised companies such as Molinos Rio de la Plata and institutions such as the City Government of Buenos Aires on new media. He was the Creative Director for the successful reelection campaign of the current City Governor, Mauricio Macri. He is the author of the book "La cápsula del tiempo 2210, del Bicentenario". .
He teaches Digital Journalism at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona School of Graduate Studies. He is a guest professor on Transmedia at Buenos Aires Comunicación. He was the Creative Director and one of the founders of, and the newspaper

Pablo Soler Pujol | Producer

Pablo Soler Pujol designs events of all kinds with creativity and an ample experience in the market.
Active and energetic, he has built a wide network of suppliers which he taps for the specific needs of our clients. He plays an important role in creating new merchandising strategies, press kits and gifts, and design.

Juan Muchnik | Lifestyle and Consumer

Well predisposed, proactive, confident, with a high level of commitment and attentive to each client's own environment. In the last years he has acquired a vast experience in Corporate Communications and Brand PR, performing as Press Officer in La Rural, the Buenos Aires fairgrounds, and working in the image construction of organizations in different types of industries. Creative, enthusiastic, tireless seeker of the professional vanguard and the creation of new ideas, he enjoys of the big challenges. Juan is graduated in Communications at UADE.

Nicolás Paglione | Technology and Corporate Communications

Nicolás Paglione knows the news and brings them to play a role in consolidating effective communications programs. He graduated in Communications and Journalism from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and for over six years has been monitoring the local and regional media. He also designs blogs, documentaries and radio shows.

Belén Nuñez Ferreira | Lifestyle and Consumer

Belén is passionate of communication. She has worked as a radio & TV producer for outstanding media outlets; has carried out audiovisual projects for recognized artists and has specialized in the planning and execution of PR campaigns for leading companies in the consumer sector. She believes that the best results are achieved throughout intuition and creativity.

She has a communications degree from the Universidad CAECE and has also studied filmography, photography and design, tools that allows her to develop communication and marketing strategies from a 360° approach.

Juan Pablo Daniello | Technology and Corporate Communications

Juan Pablo Daniello has ten years experience in the Argentine and Latin American communications market. His orientation is customer service with a strong emphasis in results.
He started his career as an associate editor at the Clarin newspaper. He moved on to the corporate world as PPRR director for Latin America for I-SEC Information Security. Later he joined Edelman as their Technology Team coordinator.
He graduated in Journalism at Universidad del Salvador.